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UK Government – Pertussis vaccine

Styleframes for a 60″ animated video about the pertussis (whooping cough) vaccination for the UK Government, Department of Health and Social Care. Producer: Mighty NiceDirector: Bonnie Taylor Forsyth


FuryStanding in the storm. Stunned. The ocean raging, growling at you. Foam lapping on your cheek, covering the one tear you tried to hold. Trembling, angry, helpless. CalmI don’t know where I’m going in this vast and unknown ocean. But I’m bringing everything I own. The sun will pave the way on this glimmering sea.

Facing fear

Pressure can be heavy and things can get overwhelming. Making your way through life is exhausting, but there’s always that little spark that strikes you and you start to climb your way up towards the light.

Stromae – Santé

Storyboard for Stromae’s live performance of “Santé” for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on NBC. Producer: PartizanDirector: Julien Soulier

Nespresso x Hublot

Black and white storyboard for the commercial film “Cultivate the moment” for Nespresso and Hublot Producer: Very ContentDirector: Wilfrid Brimo


Color storyboard for a TV ad for the international vegetable brand D’Aucy. Producer: Very ContentDirector: Edouard Le Scouarnec


Color storyboard for a corporate film for Finish Ultimate Plus pod.